Terms and conditions

Regulations of Łeba Hotel

02-972 Warsaw, ul. Sarmacka 13 lok. 92
NIP 951 232 79 15


Management of Łeba Hotel will highly appreciate your cooperation in terms of compliance with this Regulations, which serve to ensure a peaceful and safe stay of all Guests of the hotel.



  1. Persons not registered at the hotel can stay in a hotel room from 7 a.m. to
    10 p.m..
    3. The hotel can refuse to serve the Guest, who during the previous visit grossly violated
    hotel Regulations causing damage to property of the hotel or another Guest, or damage
    to hotel staff, another Guest or other people residing at the hotel. The hotel does not have
    to submit any evidence to substantiate its refusal.
  2. The hotel can refuse to serve the Guest whose state indicates the consumption of alcohol or whose
    behaviour does not comply with generally accepted principles of cultural behaviour.
  1. The hotel is obliged to provide:
    a) conditions of full and unfettered leisure for the Quests.
    b) safety of stay, including security of keeping in secret information about the Guest,
    c) professional and courteous service while any service provided by the hotel,
    d) cleaning of the room according to internal standards regarding the quality and frequency of cleaning,
    e) necessary repairs of equipment during absence of the Guest in the room,
    and in their presence just in case if such are their wishes,
    f) technically efficient service; in case of defects that could not be removed, the hotel will whenever possible change the
    room or otherwise mitigate the inconvenience.

Upon request, the hotel provides the following free services:
1. information related to the stay and travel.
2.wake-up service at the appointed hour,
3.depositing in the safe at the reception of money or valuables during your stay
4.luggage storage; Hotel may refuse to store luggage in period other
than the date of the Guest’s stay, and to store things that do not have the characteristics of personal luggage,
5.use of the pool and sauna.
02-972 Warsaw, ul. Sarmacka 13 lok. 92
NIP 951 232 79 15

Hotel responsibility for any loss or damage of money, securities, valuables or items of scientific or artistic value is limited if
these items will not be put for safekeeping in deposit at the reception. In case of loss
or damage to objects referred above the compensation does not exceed the sum
determined in accordance with the provisions of the Ordinance of the Minister of Justice dated 14 November 1964
on the limitation of liability of persons running hotels or other establishments,
(Journal of Laws of 1965 no. 1, Pos. 2, as amended).

On any occasion leaving the room the Guest should check if the door are properly closed. A hotel Guest bears
liability for any damage or destruction of items
and technical equipment belonging to the hotel arising from their fault or the fault of people visiting them.
For reasons of the fire safety it is forbidden to use the in the room heaters, irons
and other similar devices which are not the equipment of the room.


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